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Card approvals and CLI's!

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Card approvals and CLI's!

Hey everyone! To start us off, I just recently subscribed for the Fico Ultimate reporting! I feel more in control already!


Equifax: 669

Experian: 677

Transunion: 652


First off, my Discover card I have had for about 2 years has been stuck at a $2,000 limit. I recently paid it off and let it sit for a statement balance after charging only $15 on it. Asked for a CLI - got $300. LOL. Better than nothing I guess?

Next - I have to buy the GF some nice jewelery soon, so I figured I would apply for a kay jewelers card. Used the preapproval site and went for it. Instant approval for $3500. After I received the card, I use the online CLI button and got an increase to $4,000. Logged out and logged back in for another increase to $4,500!

I have had my overstock card for about 2 years and it NEVER moved. It has been stuck at $650. So I decided to hit the luv button and it increased to $1,350! Logged out and logged back in and got it up to $2,250!!

We also need new furniture and we like the stuff wayfair sells - so I did the SCT, got a preapproval, threw in my info - figured I would get a crappy limit like $500 or $600..... BAM! Instant approval for $3,500.


Still can't get an increase on my walmart card I have had for over a year. Right now its paid off and has been for about 3-4 months. Credit score has gone up since I got it. Any advice? 

As of August 22nd, I am officially 2 years post BK7. Next 6 months are going to be gardening and saving up some more $ to get a house!

Scores were higher at the end of July, but I went to get a new car and they ran it like 5-6 times -_- (didn't get approved for the car because I am self employed and they didn't like what I had to show them for income).

Discover IT Miles ($4,700); Discover IT ($4,300); Bestbuy Visa ($2,900); Capital One QS1 ($500); Kay Jewelers ($8,500); CreditOne Visa ($1,250); Caesars Rewards Visa ($1,000); Wayfair ($4,100); B&H Photo ($4,500); CreditOne MC ($850); Walmart ($2,500); Kohls ($700); Genesis Raymour & Flanigan ($4,000); Target ($2,300)
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Re: Card approvals and CLI's!

Congrats on all of the CLI's!  

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Re: Card approvals and CLI's!

Congrats on a relatively quick bounce back from BK!!
Gardening...0/6 0/12 1/24…
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Re: Card approvals and CLI's!

Congratulations! I love how some of those cli's worked out for you. Thanks for sharing.
It sounds like you plan on doing alot of shopping soon. Enjoy but dont go too crazy & overspend! 😉
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Re: Card approvals and CLI's!

Congrats on CLI!

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Re: Card approvals and CLI's!

Those are awesome CLI!


Love the info here in the forums. I often stump “credit experts” people with the knowledge I’ve learned here. 


Now go put 6 month dates on your calendar to request another CLI! 😉

9/16/17 FICO 9 TU-661 EQ-648 EX-607
12/27/17 FICO9 TU-706 EQ-672 EX-690
3/16/18 FICO9 TU-700 EQ-669 EX-716
6/26/18 FICO9 TU-750, EQ-672, EX-789

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Re: Card approvals and CLI's!

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