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Care Credit Approval

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Re: Care Credit Approval

So I came accross this and decided to give it a try. 


I opened my account 2/2 and received a CL of $7,500. I tried to get more and pressed the CLI as soon as I activated card, Denied. I then called and I got $500 additional from the CS lady. I then charged $4,000 in total dental work. 


I just asked for a CLI on the site in 4/23 and asked for 15k, they countered with 12k. I'll take it! Now my utilization will drop overall. and on next payment be under 30%, hope to have my score increase!


From opening my account to now my TU08 has gone from 671 (when approved) to now at 694. Have also paid $1,000 off already.


Hope this helps!

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Re: Care Credit Approval

Now you all got me thinking on getting this card :-) Congrats on the CLIs.
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