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Care Credit CLI

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Re: Care Credit CLI

Spintech33 wrote:

Aduke1122 wrote:
Spintech sorry I don't understand your comment , they always pull TU , what are you saying to be careful about ? The fact it could be a HP ?



Yes, that it can be a HP. Just like everyone else is saying on here is to look at your monthly report to see if carecredit does pull an HP.


My last CLI increase from them they didn't pull. Just hoping the same outcome as I requested by chat.

In the past Care Credit was almost always a HP. More recently many of us (myself included) have gotten SP increases on Care Credit.


One should always assume a HP is possible. 

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Re: Care Credit CLI

i just did this today on the chat line..went from 8400 to 12000. askef for 14000 but they countered at 12000..maybe i should have requested higher? the replay from the chat agent also said that i got a partial approval at 12000 and if i wanted to go for the 14000 they could do more research..i said no as figured that meant hard pull..hope it was not hard pull in the first place though

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Re: Care Credit CLI

if they countered lower, that's all they're willing to give right now. you can always try again a little later when your scores move up
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