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Care Credit approved for $4K

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Re: Care Credit approved for $4K

Major congrats!

Was approved for this card 2-3 months ago with a $9k SL

Had called CS about getting my new Marvel Card SL higher, but got sidetracked into requesting an increase on this instead.

Shot for the moon and asked for $25k.

The polite CSR lady came back and apologized for not being able to approve me for the requested $25k, but asked if $20k was alright with me.

After picking my jaw up off the floor, I politely thanked her and told her that is perfectly fine with me Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Care Credit approved for $4K

Congradulations I remember one of my first credit was credit care for $4900 , I was thinking Breast Implants for my girl Smiley Wink, now 9 months later I am up to 12K 

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