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CareCredit Approval

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CareCredit Approval

I'm back again with another approval, this time it was CareCredit with a SL of $800. I'm going to be needing some dental work in the near future so the 0% financing will be helpful if I can get this SL reconned.

I tried asking for a CLI through chat but they said to try back in 24-48 hours once my account gets processed online.

Worst case, I'll just wait until my scores jump to 650+ to try for a CLI.

Until then, I'm in the garden for now. (This time I swear)

Edit: Was able to recon over the phone for $1500. I'll take it!
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Re: CareCredit Approval

What did you say to get them to give you the CLI? Because my fiancee got this card about a month ago, and has really similar scores as you, however they told her she had to wait 6 months.

Because that is standard for new accounts. Plus her starting limit was $800 just like yours.
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Re: CareCredit Approval

So I called the 877-295-2080 number and the rep couldn't find my account, I told her that I opened it up today and I was calling to see if I could have a higher limit.

She then transferred me to an "account specialist" who was able to find my account and I guess the other agent told the specialist why I was calling because she just confirmed my information and asked me what I'd like my credit limit to be, didn't ask any reasons or anything. She did ask for my income and I told her what it was with my wife's income and she asked for my income separately as well.

I asked for a limit of $3,500 and she took a minute and said "Congratulations, but not really, I can't offer you the $3,500 you asked for but you've been approved for a limit of $1,500"

So, I accepted it and that was that.

I hope this helps somehow, I'd try calling that number and asking for the account specialist.
EX: 629 TU:622 EF:615

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Re: CareCredit Approval

I was just approved for $15000, that's what I asked for and instantly approved for. The standard is not 6 months for a CLI. 


After all, the OP got it to $1500 from $800.

Congrats OP.

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Re: CareCredit Approval

Thanks for the reply.
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Re: CareCredit Approval

I'm trying to apply for $17000! I've been trying to figure out how to get that amount, or if I can get the Care Credit MC.
What do you need to get $15000?
And if it's for dentistry, do you ask through the dentists office, or just chance it thru online app?
Sooo many questions!!!

Congrats! 🙄 I'm jealous! Lol!
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Re: CareCredit Approval


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