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Chase Auto CLI

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Chase Auto CLI

So I've been putting a fair bit of spend through my CFU that I picked up in August of last year. I've been hoping to get an auto increase on that since they started me with almost a toy limit of $5600. So far, nothing. Smiley Sad On the other hand, I've had my CSP since 2020 and they started me at $9900. I've put in a fair bit of spend through that since then. So far, I got an auto-CLI on that card this past Jan which bumped me up to $14,900. I slowed the spend a little since then since I already got the SUB. I just got an email this afternoon for another auto-CLI on this card up to $25,200. Additionally, last month I picked up the United Explorer card and out of the gate they gave me $15K. While I'm pretty happy with how they've treated me, I don't know what I have to do to get the CFU to auto-CLI. Maybe they want me to shift my limits around. 

May 2022

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Re: Chase Auto CLI

Congrats on your Chase Sapphire Preferred Auto CLI

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Re: Chase Auto CLI

That definitely seems like a nice auto CLIs. I only wish they did that with my freedom flex card. I barely gotten into Chase's credit because I had no clue about the 5/24 and 1-yr length of credit needed. But when I was open I gotten the Visa Student card. I was a bit bummed that they only given 1k CL on the card but eh. According to the terms of the card, since I did 6 PIF payments in the beginning of the card they had to do a SP which only gave me 200 CLI ... wish whop. To this day I wish they given me another CLI without taking a hard pull.


Based on the Chase Amazon pull on Aug 7, it seems like Chase is willing to give a decent credit line (10k on card) and the APR was only 0.75-1% APR off from the lowest APR given. It tells me that it seems like Chase likes my profile based on that APR. I wish they had given more than 10k on the card so I can transfer it to the flex card. :eyes:    oh well.

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Re: Chase Auto CLI

@BuildingBetterCredit2020 Congrats on your CSP auto-love. I need to put a bit more spend on my card bc I haven't gotten anything from Chase since getting my CSR in January. Granted, most of my spend goes to my AMEX cards so there's that. 

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Re: Chase Auto CLI

I wouldnt call $5600 a toy limit especially for the CFU. I was approved at the minimum SL $500. Congrats on the CLI.

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Re: Chase Auto CLI

Grats on the CSP limit increase!

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Re: Chase Auto CLI

Congratulations on your Chase auto-CLI!

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Re: Chase Auto CLI

Congrats on your Chase auto-CLI.

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Re: Chase Auto CLI

WooHoo!  Congratulations on your Chase CLI approval!! 🎉🍾🥂

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Re: Chase Auto CLI

Congrats on getting a auto-CLI from Chase honestly!

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