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Chase CLIs....

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Re: Chase CLIs....

@noobody wrote:

if i were you, i would NEVER request CLI from chase, just apply new card with sign up bonus, since i would get a hard pull anyway.

cancel when annaul fee is up and move credit line to exiting account.


problem solved!


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Re: Chase CLIs....

So lets say in six months I want a cli should I try for slate and just combine it with freedom if approved?
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Re: Chase CLIs....

Last month, I got a Chase Sapphire ($5000). A week later, I got the Chase Sapphire Preferred ($5000). I plan to product chase the regular Sapphire to a Freedom or combine the limits.

Side note: I thought I had app'd for the Preferred initially but then found out I hadn't so I got preferred.
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Re: Chase CLIs....

Has anyone had success combining limits to increase the limit on their SouthWest card?  Mine is coming up on it's one year anniversary and I'm trying to consider my options... I'm almost inclined to just let it sit at it's $3000 limit without pushing my luck since it's my second highest card (behind a store card for $3500) but I wonder if I should try for an increase or just try for a new card and then ask to combine the limits onto the SW card later since it's my favorite lol

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Re: Chase CLIs....

My chase freedom hit 6 month in February but they only gave me a $200 auto CLI. I will wait until the year mark and either request a CLI or just apply for a new Chase card like suggested.

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Re: Chase CLIs....

Afbar I would wait until all accounts have hit the yearmark before asking for CLI's.

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Re: Chase CLIs....

Chase gave me more than 2 x auto-CLI on my Freedom card at 6 months taking the limit from $2200 to $5000. They've been very good to me. I also have a checking and savings account with them. I consider them my primary bank.

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