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Chase CSP approved big time

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Chase CSP approved big time

Hi everyone,


my entire credit history only reaches back to January 2016, when my humble beginning was a $2,000 secured card from WF (meanwhile unsecured since this month).


Not knowing much about the FICO scores and US credit system at the beginning, I soon found the most fitting card for me: the Chase Sapphire Preferred. With just 5 months of history I apped and - of course - got denied. Only later I learned that I did not even have a FICO score at that time yet. :-)


Well, it was a tough lesson. But doing my credit homework since then very carefully, I got my scores in shape (720 - 730) with overall CL $24,300 in 5 accounts, <1% utilization and AAoA of 10 months.


Well, yesterday was my big day. Went to my Chase branch and asked if I was pre-approved. Fortunately I was, so I apped again and got the instant approval for $15,000! Could not believe it, but I am the happiest camper you'll see all day. Can't wait for the card to arrive.


Feels very rewarding, especially considering my humble beginnings only a little more than a year ago.


Just felt like sharing this for everybody out there with little credit history. Read this forum and soak in the great advice many smart people here have, and with a little luck your credit will do just fine after a while. Thanks guys!

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Re: Chase CSP approved big time

Thats greatSmiley Happy. Its amazing the depths we can go with the help from our fellow Fico members. Enjoy the great Chase approvalSmiley Happy
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Re: Chase CSP approved big time

Hey that's awesome. Congratulations!

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Re: Chase CSP approved big time

Wow a big congrats to you ! Enjoy it
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