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Chase Denial Becomes An Approval

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Re: Chase Denial Becomes An Approval

Congrats on your new Chase Amazon approval! 

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Re: Chase Denial Becomes An Approval

That's amazing, never heard of that happening to anyone else. Congrats on the surprise approval! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Chase Denial Becomes An Approval

Grats on the approval and welcome to myFico Smiley Happy
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Re: Chase Denial Becomes An Approval

Welcome To myFICO Forums and

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Re: Chase Denial Becomes An Approval

@darkimus wrote:

A couple weeks ago I applied for the Amazon Chase card and was given a denial online. I decided to call in to the reconsideration line and went through all the questions with the rep and was again told that I couldn't be approved. I do have a bankruptcy on my record, but have never had a Chase card before. The rep insisted that I had a Chase card in the past but I am 100% positive I never have. Anyways, since my bankruptcy I have gotten a better job and have had numerous approvals on cards such as AMEX, US Bank, etc. and have never had a late payment. I get the denial letter in the mail and it says they couldn't approve me because of the bankruptcy just as I figured.


Fast forward a week later I get an email saying that my card through Chase has now been approved. Keep in mind, I hadn't called back or anything so I'm kinda surprised. Today I got a letter in the mail saying that they reviewed my application again and decided to go ahead and approve me and my card is now on the way. Has anyone else ever had this happen or heard of it happening after being denied twice and not even calling back again? It seems a little odd to me, but I guess I'm not complaining.

What an unusual app experience!


Congratulations on your APPROVAL and Welcome to the FORUMS! Smiley LOL

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