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Chase Denial overturned by Recon Line

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Chase Denial overturned by Recon Line

I was trying to be in Garden from few days after getting 10+ HPs & refusals in last 30 days from various places.


I am new to US & got discover secured & C1 Plati as first two cards & first two apps. After that, wanted to get more credit card for usable limits, applied here & there, but got refused from everywhere. Found about Amazon Credit Builder card Unsecured & Secured; applied & of couse got refused. In between somewheer I also had applied for Chase Card.


From this forum found about the Bank Reconsideration Lines; got Chase's recon line; called & explained her why I need it?

  • My salary comes in Chase Checking & ACH from Chase to Discover takes 7-8 days, for Discover  CC payment. I will be able to pay Chase CC immideatly.
  • Discover & C1 have smaller limits, I have to pay 3-4 times in a month just to use them in day-to-day things.
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited also give rewards.
  • New inquires are because of my attempt to get a decent CL for daily life. I am not ready to get any card with Annual Fees or like Credit One types (where intrest starts from the day of posting, no grace period).
  • In my brief & thin file, I have always PIF every month as well as 3/4 times again in between.
  • A week or few days before statement issue date I am not able to use both cards as any balance like $100/$150 will put me over 30% utilaztion. I also can not pay before txns have been posted.

She said she understands & she will go check things. Asked me if I want Paypal card OR Amazon Card Or card from Chase direct (All of these were on my report as HPs). She verified my details again, asked questions about household income & asked me to hold & few minutes later said the Magic Words $1000 Chase Freedom UL is approved. Well spend 57 minutes on phone on my off-day.

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Re: Chesa Denial overturned by Recon Line

congrats on your approval 

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Re: Chesa Denial overturned by Recon Line

davchana does that feel good! Recon and patience sure paid off. You now have something to work with ... keep up the great work! Smiley Happy

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Re: Chesa Denial overturned by Recon Line

Congrats on the approval, but definitely sounds like you should chill out on the applications if you have 10+ HPs in the last 30 days. Take your rewards and enter the garden!

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Re: Chesa Denial overturned by Recon Line

Yes, thanks, this was the last app Smiley Happy Now just going to wait for next 7-8 months.

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Re: Chesa Denial overturned by Recon Line

Congrats on your approval! Successful recons are the best feeling 😊

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