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Chase FU Auto-CLI

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Re: Chase FU Auto-CLI

@TIPPY-BOB wrote:

What's your theory? Mine might be the same. 

Nothing super detailed, but the one time I got an auto CLI from Chase, it was after I had carried a large balance (over 50% as I recall) for several months and then paid it off. The CLI, from $12k to $16k, showed up on the next statement.  Sample size was 1, but it felt like more than a coincidence. This was maybe two years ago. 

I had also paid them a bunch of interest on that balance, so I wonder if that helped encourage them to give me more rope. 

What's yours?

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Re: Chase FU Auto-CLI

Congrats on the increase!

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Re: Chase FU Auto-CLI

Congratulations on your auto limit increase! Great to see Chase do this! 


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Re: Chase FU Auto-CLI

Cool. Congrats 

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Re: Chase FU Auto-CLI


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Re: Chase FU Auto-CLI

Same thing. I had a similar experience with Capital One. And interestingly, for the cards I pay off in full monthly (paying no interest), I've yet to receive an auto increase. Also, some cc companies seem to reward carrying a balance between 30-50% with auto increases, which seems to encourage balance carrying. Of course, their incentive is earning interest, which is their business. 

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Re: Chase FU Auto-CLI

Congratulations on your CLI!!

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Re: Chase FU Auto-CLI

Congratulations on the surprise auto CLI!

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Re: Chase FU Auto-CLI

Congrats on your Chase FU Auto CLI🎉👍

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Re: Chase FU Auto-CLI

@Curious_George2 wrote:



I have a half-baked theory about these. Would you mind sharing more details about what your usage has been? Specifically, I'm wondering if you recently paid off a balance that had been high. And did you pay them any interest along the way?

Great question @Curious_George2 you got me thinking too, so I went back and checked my activity for 2020 to present.

  • Set the FU to handle many of my auto-renewals monthly, starting August 2020 (About $900/mth)
  • No interest charged during 2020 due to PIF
  • Possible Trigger: 2 charges were put on here ($3100 and $3,200) which ultimately did result in interest as I did not PIF in January. $3,000 remainining statement balance carried into February from these charges which could've made the CLI lords happy.

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