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Chase Freedom (APPROVED)


Chase Freedom (APPROVED)

I recently got lucky when I applied for my RBFCU credit card back in May and was approved for $5,000 with the recent 3 credit I was approved for back in January 2019 and 2 in February 2019. I was done at this point and was aiming for the Chase Freedom in December, I decided to apply last night and was denied so I waited till the next day to call their recon line. The young lady told me the reason for denial was too low of available credit and inquiries.


I explained my situation when she asked why so many and wanted to build a relationship with Chase. She completey understood and next thing you know she came back from being on hold for 5 minutes and congratulated me with a credit limit of $500, I didn't care too much about that because I knew in the matter of a couple months they'll most likely auto increase me. But I'm super happy!! I didn't think the process would be that smooth.

Starting Score: 585
Current Score: 740
Goal Score: 800

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Re: Chase Freedom (APPROVED)

Congrats! Chase is my next goal card but I'm at my 5/24 because today I was approved for a BoA Cash Rewards (that I'm super pumped for!)


Very nicely done! Chase is a biggy! 

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CURRENT MAY of 2021: EX 692 EQ 696 TU 706
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Re: Chase Freedom (APPROVED)

Congrats on The Freedom and Recon!

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Re: Chase Freedom (APPROVED)

Congrats on the approval and recon!

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TCL - Est. $275K
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Re: Chase Freedom (APPROVED)

Congrats on your new card - I can't wait to be approved by chase (someday)!! Keep up the good work.

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EX - 771
EQ - 779

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Re: Chase Freedom (APPROVED)

Congrats, welcome to the Chase club!

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Re: Chase Freedom (APPROVED)

As has been posted, Grats and welcome to the Chase Club. You will enjoy the benefits of the "Ultimate Rewards"! Smiley Happy
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Re: Chase Freedom (APPROVED)

Congrats on the approval and recon! Smiley Happy

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Re: Chase Freedom (APPROVED)

Congrats on the new Chase card and successful recon!

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Re: Chase Freedom (APPROVED)

Congrats on your approval!!

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