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Chase Freedom Approval Odds

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Re: Chase Freedom Approval Odds

I would give it a shot! I only had 0.7 AAoA, and was approved for 3K! Instant. No recon, no nothing. Didn't have any Baddies on report, PIF every month. 

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Re: Chase Freedom Approval Odds

I never had any installment loans before, just a little of year in employment and credit card history, before that I was living abroad. Current TU score is 733.

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Re: Chase Freedom Approval Odds

Thanks for all the help guys. I first got a cli with my boa to 7500 and then apped for the freedom, approved 5k.
Bofa 123 $2500 (Oct. 2011), Amex Green (Nov. 2012)
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Re: Chase Freedom Approval Odds

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Re: Chase Freedom Approval Odds

rootpooty wrote:

ficoplease wrote:

Hello everyone,


 should I open a checking with Chase and put 10k and DD to start building a relationship with them? 6 inq, have been working for 1yr 1m, 23 years old, make 90k annually. Thanks

You cant build a relationship with chase. The constant recommendation of depositing funds into an account WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES FOR A CC.  I had been banking with chase for 5 years with 10k plus in checking and a few k in savings buuuuut I also had zero account history thinking living off cash no credit was the way to go.  Denied for freedom they didnt care how long I had a checking account.


I say go for it you make a good income I dont see how they would give you 500 my guess is an approval for at least 2500 but you may have to recon it

I've had similar lousy results, Chase really doesnt give a crap about you or your 10k to be perfectly honest. That's not to say you still wont get a card, you never know



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Re: Chase Freedom Approval Odds

Chase Freedom 3000
Chase Sapphire Preferred 5000
American Express Blue Cash Preferred 6300
Bank of America Travel Rewards 5000
Bank of America Cash Rewards 3000
Discover IT 4000
Best Buy 4000
TU 733 EQ 743 EX 722
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