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Chase Freedom Approval after SLATE revoked

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Chase Freedom Approval after SLATE revoked

Hi guys,


Ok so, when I was in college I had 2 Cap one platinum cards (I eventually merged). Around this time my mom opened a Chase Slate in my name that I didn't know about. The card was later revoked. Fast forward about 5 years I applied for a loan through Chase and was denied so I assumed they weren't happy with me. I do have a checking and savings account w/ them but assumed they'd never give me another credit card so I kinda put it out of my mind. Recently, I've noticed the CF, CFU, CSP, and Slate coming up as pre-approvals. I was getting pre-approvals in the mail about the Disney card & other co-branded cards. When I went into the branch I was told I was pre-approved for all the Chase cards including the CSR.  I know I'm not ready for the CSR but after hearing that, the exclusive $300 SUB on the Chase Freedom just became too hard to ignore...


In Sept 2018 I joined the AMEX family ($4k), Oct 2018 acquired a car lease, Nov 2018 increased my Nordstrom VS limit from $7500--> $10k.


I know that gardening was probably the right choice but I got the new card itch and ...I scratched it. I applied for the CF and was instantly approved. I wasn't thrilled with the 25% APR or the $2800 limit because I was kinda hoping to do a BT from my cap one card w/ the 0% interest promo but I dont even care because I'm so happy I'm not blackballed!


I'm excited to get back in Chase's good graces--I had high hopes for this card but I probably won't use it much once the 15 month 0% APR is over. The APR is too high, the limit is too low and I'm not crazy about the HP for CLI.


I plan to garden for a while as this was a big (credit using) year for me. But when that's over I've got an eye on Discover, Citi & Cap1 Venture cards.


I realized I didn't ask a question or anything on this post, but I love reading your advice, opinions and experiences. Please do share! Smiley Happy Thank you...




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EXP/TU - 727
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Re: Chase Freedom Approval after SLATE revoked

Congrats on your approval!

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Chase Freedom Approval after SLATE revoked

Congrats! Smiley Happy

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Re: Chase Freedom Approval after SLATE revoked

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: Chase Freedom Approval after SLATE revoked

Congrats on your approval !!!!



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Re: Chase Freedom Approval after SLATE revoked

Congratulations on your approval!
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