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Chase Freedom Auto CLI

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Re: Chase Freedom Auto CLI

calihlove75 wrote:

Benton wrote:


I thought I read your recent post in which you wrote about having a surprising debt level on your cards. If I'm accurate, what are you doing out of the garden you professed to go to for awhile?

It was an automatic hard pull!!

You're right.

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Re: Chase Freedom Auto CLI


Goal 750 Across

NFCU Signature Cash Rewards Visa, Chase Freedom Visa, Wells Fargo Visa Secured
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Re: Chase Freedom Auto CLI

nick125 wrote:

Every time I see one these threads, I check my Freedom account...and nope, no CLI for me Smiley Sad

same here Smiley Happy

 i did get an auto CLI from my initial $4600 to $6000 after my 2nd statement (back in April 2009)... but none since


BofA visa $9.4k ... BofA Cash Rewards visa sig $10k ... Cap 1 Venture1 visa sig $10k ...
Chase Freedom visa $10k ... Macy's $1.5k ... Macy's Amex $5k ... Sam's Club $6.3k
myFICOs as of 3/25/14:...EX=809 .... EQ=802....TU=787
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