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Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

Your story gives me hope! Congrats! I applied for CSP last night was declined twice after recon. Then I app'd for the Freedom this morning and was declined but the recon was successful with approval after final review. My fico is 702 and I have a 9 yr 4 mo BK that will fall off in August. I am pretty sure it will go through and your limit is very generous. Congrats again! Smiley Happy
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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

racer-x wrote:

Congrats.  They pulled EQ?  What state/city are you in?  myfico EQ is my best score and doesn't show my (1) paid collection that TU and EX show

Do you know if CHASE always pull EQ?.

Chase pulls EX in NY.

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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

nymets010 wrote:

I did try to recon with the others. Discover said they wont over turn any initial decision, just to re apply in 45 days. BOA said my credit file wasnt strong enough after my repo. ( I have one Cap one card with 500 cl and a car loan on my credit file, on time for 2 years) Amex reviewed my app, only to deny me again. Anyone have any recon success with the others?


Chase is the only card who really does a true recon, at least thats my experience.


I was also approved for a Wells Fargo Platinum Rewards card about a month ago when i opened my checking account there. They actually gave me a 2,500 limit!


 I live in Florida and my EQ Fico is 626. My report has one negative, a TD Auto repo from 2010. They keep reporting it every month, so when creditors look at my file, it looks like the repo just happened! SMH...Also have a lot of inquiries. I tried to buy a house this summer/fall and kept trying different banks. So now ill wait about 6 months or so and let the new cards bump my score a bit!

Barclays is known to be recon friendly.

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Re: Chase Freedom Recon Success!!

Sometimes getting through the door is the hardest part of getting credit, but once your in it is only a matter of time before you build that relationship and start to harvest the benefiets. Congrats

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