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Chase Freedom Unlimited Approval!!!

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Re: Chase Freedom Unlimited Approval!!!

Congratulations on your approval!

FICO 8 (Feb 2018):EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545
FICO 8 (Sept 2022):EX- 706, TU- 685, EQ- 684
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Re: Chase Freedom Unlimited Approval!!!

@Anonymous wrote:


Well it depends on what you want. The trifecta is a brilliant way to accumulate ultimate rewards points, in order to transfer them to airline partners to get award plane tickets. Essentially you get the chase sapphire preferred or reserve. I personally have the preferred so ill explain how that works. I get 2x points for dining/travel and 1x points for everything else. The freedom unlimited gets 1.5 points for everything, so for purchases that dont fall into the 2x points category, you get an extra half a point. However, in order to have the unlimited to get points and not just cash back, you need to have a chase sapphire preferred/reserve or a few business cards? (not sure about which business cards). Same thing with the freedom. So you get 5x points on the category up to 7500 points ($1500 in spend). So if you aren't super interested in miles for plane tickets/hotels, then I would suggest looking at the citi double cash since it is 2% CB instead of 1.5% like the QS.

@Anonymous Thank you so much for the awesome explanation!! yes I do have the Citi DC for the 2%. Once I start a family and AF will be making sense together with the rewards, I will be definitely considering this trifecta. Just like I'm consideing BCP with the AF since it's 6% on groceries Smiley Happy

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Re: Chase Freedom Unlimited Approval!!!

Could you give me the chase backdoor number you used by any chance? My friend is trying to call and they always tell him he has to wait for them to verify the application and cannot tell him of the decision. Thank you!

@Anonymous wrote:

Hi All, 

First off, THANK YOU to this forum for all the invaluable information that it gives. I have learned so much about credit.


So I applied for the FU on Friday so that I could form the Chase trifecta, and on Saturday I called the automated lady and got the dreaded 7-10 day message Smiley Frustrated So today I finally decided to call the Chase backdoor number, got transferred to verification, and got approved with a SL of $8,900!! That is my highest limit. I opened the Sapphire Preferred about a month and a half ago with a SL of $5000, and had to recon to even get approved, so I was absolutely shocked when I got that high of a limit from Chase, especially considering how conservative they tend to be. I always PIF, so even though they gave me a high APR of 25.49% on both chase cards, I dont really care. 


They pulled Experian which showed 5 open accounts (2 AU), 5 inquires (4 credit cards, 1 car dealership), no baddies.

(found these through experian website) FICO: Ex 726, Eq 739, TU 739 (though when I check through chase I see 712, Barclays 743 and WF 721? lol)

income: $132,000, no checkings/savings/investment accounts with Chase

I was ~technically~ at 4/24, but since I opened the Citi TY card so recently it showed 3/24 since it hasnt posted to any bureaus that that account is open. 


Currently hold: 

Wells Fargo The Private Bank By Invitation Visa Sig $7000 limit opened 9/2017

Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa Sig $5000 limit opened 8/2018

Barclaycard Arrival Plus WEMC $1500 limit opened 8/2018

Citi TY Premier $3000 limit opened 9/2018

Amex platinum (AU) charge card opened 5/2014

WF Visa Platinum (AU but with $4500 limit) opened 1/2012


I want to enter the garden, but the 100k bonus amex platinum targeted offer and the freeedom are enticing to me...


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