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Chase Freedom Unlimited

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Chase Freedom Unlimited

Another Chase Pre-Qual Mailer


I posted in another thread (see above link) that my SO got a pre-qual mailer for the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card and I encouraged him to go for it. He was ambivalent because he had an "Previous Unsatisfactory Account" with Chase about 9 or 10 years ago. I pushed him to do it knowing it would be a crap shoot, but at the very least we would get some data points. 


He responded to the mailer via on-line, got the 30 day message, then called in and Robo Lady said 7-10 days, and then after a few days called in. After going through the verification process they informed him he was approved for $9K.


Data Points:

Pulled: EX and TU

Score: 652-656

Utilization: 2%

Last Baddie: 6 years ago

Burned Chase 9/10 years ago. We know its still in their system.


Im in the garden but I will apply for the CSR in November. If he can get approved, I definitely can Smiley Happy




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Re: Chase Freedom Unlimited

Congrats to your SO! Especially with the Chase blackmark to boot.

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Re: Chase Freedom Unlimited

That's awesome! Congrats! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Chase Freedom Unlimited

Congrats!  Guess he wasn't blacklisted afterall

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Re: Chase Freedom Unlimited

I BK'd Chase mortgage in 2005.  It was a long time ago but I had no idea if it was in their system.  Last month I app'd and approved for Chase Freedom with $6k SL.  Woot!!

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Re: Chase Freedom Unlimited

Congrats to him! Smiley Happy

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