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Chase Freedom instant approval!


Re: Chase Freedom instant approval!

Gratz M8

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Re: Chase Freedom instant approval!

@gmadventure wrote:

I'm trying to get in with Chase as well. I'm waiting for a collection to update as paid and my payment didn't clear before my statement date last month due to the holiday so I'm sitting at about 53% UTI. I won't make that mistake again. I have some student loan lates from 2011. I got my Cap1 QS1 in March with a 500 CL and it increased to 1500 after a couple statements, and a Discover IT secured CL 300. AAoA is about 3.2 years. Before I knew what inquiries were or how to manage a rebuild I tried to app for a bunch of different cards so I have 3 inquiries on each report. I'm trying to figure out if I should wait a year to app for Chase or if I can app once my score hits 700. I'm at 3/24 now and would like the Southwest Premier. 

The co-branded credit cards do not fall under the 5/24 rule so you should be safe to apply and be approved once your scores hit 700-720.  But I've learned from this forum and from experience - you are better of waiting until your scores are strong to apply for certain cards.  Even though you may get an approval, your SCL will be low and then with Chase it will require a HP each time you want a CLI.  Thanks. 

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Re: Chase Freedom instant approval!

Congrats. Use it wisely. Remember the revolving rewards

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Re: Chase Freedom instant approval!

Congrats on your approval !!

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