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Chase Hyatt Approval

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Chase Hyatt Approval

DW has been picking more travel locations for us lately, and I've been noticing that the places she picks tends to have Hyatt locations fairly close (I pretty much only choose Marriott properties normally). I figured why not apply for the Hyatt card, and worst case scenario, if I'm not happy with the hotels or stop seeing a value in it, I can always roll the limit into my Ritz card (or whatever card I end up having with Chase at the end of the Marriott / SPG combination). I applied via the mobile website and was instantly approved for $19,000 @ 21.24%. They pulled EX (715 - 9 INQs) and TU (736 - 13 INQs). AAoA is 2.2 years. Oldest account is 6.2 years. My last inquires on EX and TU were 6 months ago for the Ritz card. I have two new accounts in the last 6 months, Ritz and SPG, but a whole pile of new accounts before that... the majority of them will hit their one year mark by May. My income is around $95k. My Ritz card is at $14.5k.


**EDIT** I received my card in the mail today, and my CARS is 751. I wish I remember what my CARS was when I got the Ritz, and I'm too lazy to dig through paperwork.


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Re: Chase Hyatt Approval

Congrats. Nice Score

EQ 669, TU 679, EX 679. Navy Signature Go Rewards 15K, Navy Signature Cash Rewards 16K, Navy AX Rewards 14.4K, Navy CLOC 15K, Navy Mortgage 120K, Navy ATV Loan 14,990K, FLCU Auto 48.7K, FLCU Visa 7.5K, FLCU Visa 1K, AFCU 5K, AFCU Line of Credit 4K, John Deere 15K, Suncoast TB Rays Cash Rewards 6K, Cap1 QS 5K, USAA Rate Advantage 5K, USAA AX Card 9K, State Farm Rewards 2.5K, Paypal Credit 2.8K, Cabela's 2K, Chevron & Texaco Visa 6K, BMO Harris Bank 1.5K, BOA Bass Pro 1.5K, 5/3 Stand up to cancer 4.5K, 5/3 Truly Simple 4K, 5/3 Trio 4K, Amazon Store Card 5K, Lowes 17K, TBFCU 5K, BBT Spectrum 4.5K, BBT Bright 3.5K, BBT Bright 4.5K, Banco Do Brasil Americas 4.2K, Kays Jewerly 2K, AX Green Charge, AX Delta Gold 1K, Morgan Auto Group 1.6K, Kohls 700.
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Re: Chase Hyatt Approval

He shoots he scores!! NIce job. 19k easily makes testing waters an optionSmiley Wink
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Re: Chase Hyatt Approval

Congratulations! This makes me really tempted to try this with the intention of transferring it’s limit to my other chase cards...
Kind of have everything I want now, creditwise. Undeliberately gardening until I have some spending to do and find a 100,000 Amex Platinum offer lol

Started my credit journey August 2016, after abstaining from credit for years after some poor financial choices in high school. Started with scores in the 580s. Current scores 11/6/18 - EQ: 754 TU: 757 EX: 743

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Combined revolving CL $135,300

Goal: Spring 2019 800+ club, $50,000 combined Amex limit
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Re: Chase Hyatt Approval

Congrats!!! Nice SL also!

Discover It $21.5k
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USBank Cash+ VS $12k
USBank Cash 365 AMEX $12k
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Re: Chase Hyatt Approval

Congrats on the new card!

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Re: Chase Hyatt Approval

Congrats 🎊🍾🎈🎉. Great SL. Thanks for the excellent data points. Enjoy. 

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Re: Chase Hyatt Approval

Thanks everybody! You all are awesome!

Fico 8: EX - 713 (11 INQs) TU - 717 (14 INQs) EQ - 700 (11 INQs)
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Re: Chase Hyatt Approval

Whoop!  Whoop!


Way to go!  Congratulations on your new card.  Nice SL to boot!!

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Home Depot: $500
BofA Cash Rewards: $1500
Lowe's: $1000

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Re: Chase Hyatt Approval

Impressive. Congrats! Think we're all waiting to see what nice metal emerges from the merger Smiley Happy

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