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Chase IHG Premier MC

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Chase IHG Premier MC

DW and I usually stay at Holiday Inn Properties and are planning a few stays next month, so I pulled the trigger on the Chase IHG Premier MC for the 150,000 point bonus.   I am over 5/24, but I had a pre-approval on this card.   I also recently opened a Joint Checking account with DD, and a savings account for myself with Chase, in addition to my Chase Amazon Prime Visa.


Approved for a SL of $17,200.   Whats with the 200?


I got approved for the World Elite version so I can move my Cell Phone bill to this card and take advangae of the Cell Phone Insurance.   This is perfect for me since Sir Barclay's is nerfing the cell phone insurance on the Uber Visa when it convert to the new card next month.



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Re: Chase IHG Premier MC

Congratulations, now that is @MakingProgress !!Smiley Very Happy  ...


The $200 is just to mess with the OCD peoplepounding head against wall.gifsmiley-laughing emoticon.gifscreamer emoticon.gif

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Re: Chase IHG Premier MC

Congrats on a great SL and getting an IHG / Chase card over 5/24.


I had forgotten over the pandemic, I have 2 free night certificates from IHG Smiley Surprised

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Re: Chase IHG Premier MC

Congratulations on your Chase IHG Premier approval!

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Re: Chase IHG Premier MC

Congratulations 🎊🍾🎉 on the approval.

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Re: Chase IHG Premier MC

Congrats on the approval!

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Re: Chase IHG Premier MC

Congrats @MakingProgress .


Issuers be like that -- my CSP is 34.2.

Disco it is 20.2.

Citi Custom is 9.4; DC 20.5

USB cash+ is 13.5

PenFed PCR is 27.7.


Like, whatevs ...


(tho', @M_Smart007 , it does mess with my OCD, and I have previously contacted issuers to have them round down to the nearest thousand)

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Re: Chase IHG Premier MC

Grats on the excellent SL Smiley Happy

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Re: Chase IHG Premier MC

I'm glad to see this DP! I would like to get the IHG Premier soon, but I'm at lol/24. I saw a DP or two somewhere else, maybe Reddit or DoC comment section, where some had been approved even though they were at or over 5/24.


My plan is to try it and see what happens. If I am denied, P2 (my wife) will get it. She is well under 5/24. I'd like for both of us to have one anyway, because the annual free night is well worth the AF.


I will not be traveling until about 6 or 7 months from now, and I'd like to get the card soon to get the SUB before I travel.

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Re: Chase IHG Premier MC

Congrats on your Chase IHG Premier approval

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