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Chase IHG approval! & Hyatt

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Re: Chase IHG approval! & Hyatt

Only one Tu pull.  

Amex PRG NPSL I Chase Marriott $10k I Venture $15.3k I Amex BCE $10K I PNC 13K I Chase IHG $8.6k l Amazon $6k l Chase Hyatt 20k l US Bank Cash+ $13K I Barclays $12.6k I Venture $13k l Discover it $4.6k l Express Next $3.1k l Amex EverDay $15K l Cabelas 1k I Wayfair $17.1k I Walmart $8k l SG $9.8k l Target $3.6K I PP 2K l AU Shell Gas $900 opened in 1974 l Ex 704 Tu 698 Eq 667

Anything worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for.
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