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Chase Marriott

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Chase Marriott

I was considering the Chase Ritz but decided to go for the Marriott instead. I was planning on waiting until December-ish but I saw that their current bonus is set to expire soon so I just went for it the other night.


Approved instantly for $7500. Banks must love that number for me because this is now the 4th credit account at $7500.


Ok, NO MORE APPS for me until next year. Seriously, this time. Smiley Happy

Current as of 03/27/16:
-myFICO scores: EX: 783 | EQ: 775 | TU: 748
-inquiries: EX: 6 | EQ: 2 | TU: 3
-accounts: BofA Secured Rewards Visa ($3k) | AMEX Everyday ($15k) | BofA Auto Loan ($15k), Eddie Bauer ($1300) | PenFed Visa Rewards ($7.5k) | PenFed PLOC ($10k) | CareCredit ($6k) | Amazon ($6k) | PayPal Credit ($7.5k) | Discover ($17k) | Marriott ($7.5k)
-AAoA: 2y5m
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Re: Chase Marriott

congrats,   i want the ritz also but...  not now.

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Re: Chase Marriott

Congrats, Chase has been approving applications lately.  That is a good thing. 

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Re: Chase Marriott


11/14 Wake up: EX 10/14 584 GOALS: 2015=720+ My FICO:10/27/15 EQ 693 TU 712 EX 705: WalMart 5K- C1 QS 1300 ; C1QS 1300 : Credit One 500; Kay 6k : PP Smart Conn 4k; QVC 3500: USAA Plat MC 1,500 AMEX PRG nsl : BoA $3k; Kohls 750: Am Eagle 4k: Amazon 6k ; Pier One 3500; Lowes 12k: VS 350: Chase Amazon 500; Sportsmans 2k; Ttl Rwds Sign VISA $9K; BJsPerks $4k: BarclayNFL 3800; JCP 5k; Macys 1k; NFCU cc $25k: NavCheck $15k; AARP $4k; Discover $4k
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Re: Chase Marriott


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Re: Chase Marriott


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Re: Chase Marriott

Congrats!! I have both Ritz and Marriott. My long term strategy is keep Marriott, close Ritz. But I plan on keeping Ritz for another year at least. Marriott is a nice card! Enjoy. 

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Re: Chase Marriott


Currently rebuilding as of 05/15/2021.

Starting Fico 8/9 Scores:

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Re: Chase Marriott


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Re: Chase Marriott

Congratulations! I have my eye on the Marriot as well. Will wait a bit... Maybe that 70k, $1k spend will come back around.

Keep both your credit and your body in top shape!

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