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Chase Preferred Unlimited $4000 Approval

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Chase Preferred Unlimited $4000 Approval

I received an offer in the Chase mobile app to apply and well dang:

Your credit line: $4,000.00
Your purchase APR: 24.99% variable
Intro APR: 0% for the first 15 billing cycles

The rate sucks but it smells like a good 15-month card to me! $300 bonus after spending $500 (what!?!?!)

FICO EX: 688, FAKO EX 670, FAKO TU: 668. AAoA 4 years, Util 32%.

Edit: with the approvals and cli I’ve posted Today, my utilization drops down to 15%. 😆
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Re: Chase Preferred Unlimited $4000 Approval

That's a nice approval and card! Congrats.

A chase card is like my ultimate goal card lol, not ready for them yet.

Starting Score-(01/2017): FICO ||EX:575--EQ:549--TU:588||
Current Score--(04/2018): FICO ||EX:686--EQ:697--TU:715||

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Re: Chase Preferred Unlimited $4000 Approval

Flipping awesome!  Enjoy that shiney new card!!

~~~Rebuilding Score History~~~
Starting Ficos: EX 541, EQ 493, TU 523 (07/02/2016)
Latest Ficos: EX 762, EQ 784, TU 764 (03/28/2020)
Goal Ficos: EX 800, EQ 800, TU 800 (12/31/2020)
~~~Credit lines~~~~
Total Open Credit Limit: $83000
Lowe's: $20000
Discover It: $15000
PenFed Pathfinder: $15000
BofA Platinum Plus: $9100
Chase Sapphire Preferred: $9000
Chase Freedom Unlimited: $6400
Amazon Prime Store Card: $5000
BofA Cash Rewards: $1500
Capital One Platinum: $1500
Home Depot: $500

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Re: Chase Preferred Unlimited $4000 Approval

Congrats on your new card!

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