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Chase Recon Worked!!

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Chase Recon Worked!!

First of all i would like to thank all the contributors to this forum. It has provided me with a wealth of information.


Yesterday I received a denial letter for the Chase Freedom Unlimitied. The letter stated too many recent reviews of credit and not enough time has passed since your last account was opened. In Feb i got an instant approval for the CSP and Freedom. I waited 31 days to app for the FU. When i called recon the CSR asked a couple of questions about work history, income, and job title. CSR put me on hold to review the account. When he came back he asked me about my heloc and what it was used for. CSR placed me on hold again. When he came back he said they would be able to move some of my credit from my CSP over to my FU.  This completes the chase trilogy for me!! Stacking up those UR points will be a lot easier with the FU for non bonus spending. Thanks again this is a great site.

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Re: Chase Recon Worked!!

Nice work!
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Re: Chase Recon Worked!!

This is a rarity ...congrats!

Ymmv ~ Cheers!

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Re: Chase Recon Worked!!


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