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Chase Saphhire Preferred Approval

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Chase Saphhire Preferred Approval

I have a lot of credit cards, and while I don't "churn", I do average more than 5 in 24 months, so I always considered Chase's core credit card family out of reach for me becuase of their 5/24 rule.  Yesterday, I went into a Chase branch for a money order, and was informed "you're pre-approved for a credit card" by the bank teller.  Being a pretty skeptical person, I was only willing to accept this from a banker with the words "pre-approved" on the screen, and even then expected a "7-10 business days response."  A few questions about income and residency later, I was approved for a Sapphire Preferred with a 10k SL plus 60k spending bonus.  Not too bad!
Chase didn't provide me my score, but the last FICO score I saw was 674.  They pulled Experian.  This is in Indiana.  The branch had Private Client, but I'm not a private client--I doubt this makes any difference, but maybe worth mentioning.
I'll be putting all my spending on this CSP card until I get the bonus, and then I'll have to evaluate my Annual Fee situation.  I also have a Amex Gold, Amex Delta Gold, and Chase IHG Premier, so I think one of these will need to be downgraded to a no annual fee card.  $550 in annual fees is a lot for not having the perks of a Sapphire Reserve or Amex Platinum, so something will go on the chopping block.  Possibly the Delta Gold, or I'll downgrade this CSP to a Freedom after one year.
Thanks for reading, and make sure to ask about those branch pre-approvals!
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Re: Chase Saphhire Preferred Approval

Congrats on your approval !!!



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Re: Chase Saphhire Preferred Approval

Congratulations!!! There is alot of people who are rarely under 5/24! So congrats on the in branch approval. Not a bad SL either....


Sounds like you have a solid plan!!


Again, congrats and cheers!!

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Re: Chase Saphhire Preferred Approval

In branch pre approvals are solid, grats on your new card.

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Re: Chase Saphhire Preferred Approval

That is an Awesome Approval

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Re: Chase Saphhire Preferred Approval

Congrats, enjoy your csp.
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Re: Chase Saphhire Preferred Approval

Congrats on your approval!

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Re: Chase Saphhire Preferred Approval

Chase seems more generous in-branch lol congrats on the great SL and SUB!

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Re: Chase Saphhire Preferred Approval

Congrats on your approval!!

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Re: Chase Saphhire Preferred Approval


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