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Chase Saphire Preferred. No sense approval.


Chase Saphire Preferred. No sense approval.

Hey guys! I recently just got approved on the Saphire, and it doesn’t make any sense why. Here’s the details! Scores and credit info below

Got prequal on chase website for four cards including the Saphire at a fixed apr so I did some research and figured why not seeing they’re prettying good with pre quals if they are a fixed apr.

Got the 30 day email Smiley Sad I figured it was denied. Then, I kept checking the robo lady daily and about 7 days after the application she said 7-10 days so I figured I wasted a HP but I listened to the internet and called to find out the status with a human. She said we need verification just wait for a letter in the mail and fax it, email it, or walk it into a branch with your ID. No approval yet at this point.

Anyway fast forward 2 days I was getting ready to go to branch today without the letter, as everyone says it’s the best shot. I called to make sure that I don’t forget something needed and the verification derpartment just verified my full name number and address and without me even mentioning the whole verification thing she tells me I’m approved! Very exciting.

Here’s the part that doesn’t make sense to me at all seeing that chase is stingy with a lot of people.

Scores and credit info
They pulled EX and TU for me. I’m in Texas.
67k annually
Got the approval for a $5k starting limit
Fico scores ranging from 710-720
Revolving credit available, $1,250 (Wow!)
AAoA 6 months (Wow)
Oldest account 11 months (another wow)
3 credit cards opened since starting my credit.
Under 10% util
No baddies
No installment loans
5-6 inquiries

Why chase approved me on this card with a $5k limit I’ll never have a clue why, but I definitely ain’t complaining!

Here’s some advice that I learned,

Chase pre qualifier on website is pretty solid from the research that I’ve done. Way More than 50/50 from what I’ve seen.

Fixed APR on the pre qual is a good sign. I would stay away from apr ranges from what I’ve read.

Do your own research, check DP for your state, also research the “chase 30 day email” and there is loads of information on this.

Chase has a very strange algorithm for approvals and the whole application itself. Keep that in mind.

30 day message, or 7-10 day message does not mean a denial! It could mean a denial but don’t give up. More than likely from what I’ve seen 30 day email is an approval if you have a pre qual. An instant 7-10 message is an denial.

Don’t talk to recon or a human until you get the 7-10 day message from robo lady. I’ve read that not calling has a much higher approval rate than calling. Before it’s processed.

I’ve also read that recon is really lenient. I’ve seen a lot of success with recon from what I’ve studied.
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Re: Chase Saphire Preferred. No sense approval.

Congrats on your approval.  

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Re: Chase Saphire Preferred. No sense approval.

Wow IndeedSmiley Happy Chase usually doesnt want to be your 1st, 5k, 10k lol. Looks like Chase took a liking to you early on so nurture that and youll getmore down the roadSmiley Happy Big congratsSmiley Happy
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Re: Chase Saphire Preferred. No sense approval.

Congrats... it doesn't matter how you achieved your goal...just that you achieved it.

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Re: Chase Saphire Preferred. No sense approval.

Congratulations on getting the card, enjoy it!

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