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Chase Saphirre Aprroval

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Chase Saphirre Aprroval

A little details about my CSP approval that may help people in the future. This site has been a blessing for me, with it's wealth of info.


No new cards for approx 3 years due to no need or want I guess until i found this site ha.


2 days ago, checked Chase prequal and saw Freedom, FU, and the CSP card for me. My lady and i travel a couple times a year and thought thats a hell of a SUB that i could easily take advnatage of, plus the other perks and benefits it has. Apped and got the in review 30 day message.

Called automated line this morning, its been 48hours btw. 30 day message. Said screw it and called recon line because im an **bleep**. Guy says, "im gonna send you a text code and some security questions" in a generic manner. Then says give me a minute while i submit for approval(my heart pounding haha). Comes back on phone, congrats youve been approved for $23,400, you'll see it in a week or two. 5 minutes later it shows up in my chase app, which i needed to verify thinking no way he said $23,400 lol.


At the time of apping

FICO8 TU 733 and EXP 733 which were both pulled by Chase. 11% CC utilization. Thick profile with zero negatives. A couple inquiries from personal loan and new auto loan last summer. Mid to high six figure income. I've also banked with Chase for about 10 years. Checking only. Also a Chase Southwest card with $5k limit for about 5 years. This might've helped with this. Otherwise I have a Quicksilver card with $5k limit, local Credit union card with $5k limit, OLD Merrick card with $3700 limit, and a very old Cap One card with $3700 limit. All thse cards have just been in a drawer for the most part except the Southwest.   

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Re: Chase Saphirre Aprroval

CONGRATS on the MONSTER Approval!

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Re: Chase Saphirre Aprroval

Congratulations on your approval there

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Re: Chase Saphirre Aprroval

Congrats on your CSP approval and generous SL!

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Re: Chase Saphirre Aprroval


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS  on your Approval, the MASSIVE SL, and Thanks for the DPs!!!

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Re: Chase Saphirre Aprroval

Wow on that limit!! congrats on the approval
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Re: Chase Saphirre Aprroval

Thanks everyone! I'm honestly surprised at the SL myself. 

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Re: Chase Saphirre Aprroval

Amazing SL - Congrats!

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Re: Chase Saphirre Aprroval

Heck of a SL right there!! Glad to have you apart of the Chase Club! 



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Re: Chase Saphirre Aprroval

Big congrats!

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