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Chase Sapphire Pref Approved

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Re: Chase Sapphire Pref Approved

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Weird. Usually the in-branch apps are more successful with Chase lol. Congrats on getting the card you originally wanted and with a fantastic SL! Now call up that customer service rep and tell him/her what happened lol

There's a difference between having an "in branch pre-approval" before applying for a card, and just applying for the card at the branch.  Its not clear which the OP did.

So if you go to a branch and are not pre-approved, should you still cold apply there or is it better to apply online if you aren't pre-approved at the branch?

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Re: Chase Sapphire Pref Approved

I have a checking account with Chase. I got a pre-approval on the website. I was given a choice... I went for the slate for the 15 months no interest for balance transfer.
Really saved some bucks for me 😁. I got a$1200 limit, it's a good start. Ofcorse I wanted more. But I am happy. Every one seems to get different responses from Chase. I thought that I did good considering I just got approved for the Discover with a starting limit of $8500. I'm now in the garden for a long time.
Well I don't have a logo, so I will just use @#@
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Re: Chase Sapphire Pref Approved

congrats 2.gif

Such a great SUB!


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