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Chase Sapphire Preferred APPROVED

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred APPROVED


Hello Everyone


I am excited to say that i got my CSP approved today 5k. A year ago my credit score was 545 TU 580 EQ and 600 EX. 

I really needed to step up my game and I did. On october 2nd I got approved the AMEX delta gold for 1k and they pulled my EX 630 at that time and at the same time they increase my CL on my discover it to 2k. 2 months later my amex went up to 3k. my scores now are 698TU 688EQ 704 EX and I hesitate today to apply for my dream card the CSP and got insta approved. People IT DOES WORK. it took me a year of paying on time, lowering my credit ut. to 5% to 10% from a 80% that i had. i would like to know if in 6 months i should get CLI.


Have a great night!


PS: im new in the forum and the fico family

Provide some data points.  Are you within 5/24?

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred APPROVED

Oh ok , no I didnt checked that. They offer me the csp at the branch, because I was talking to the manager and he saw my account movement plus I told him I travel a lot. They pull my Experian and got it
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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred APPROVED

Congrats on the approval and on improving your score. Question... What was your highest CL at the time of application?

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