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Chase Sapphire Preferred Approval (Details)

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Chase Sapphire Preferred Approval (Details)

I was approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred on January 25th, 2018. This was a cold application (no pre-qualifications or pre-approvals). I was, however, first given a 30 day notice by email the night before as shown below.


Chase 30 Day Notice.jpg


Today while at work, I received a call from "Unknown". I'm glad I asnwered. A Chase CSR contacted me from their fraud department to verify that I did infact submit the application, and to verify my name, phone number and address. After confirming, the CSR told me I was approved for 5k. Out of curiosity, I asked if this was a Visa or Visa Signature. The CSR replied that all their Chase cards are Visa Signature. I did not ask, but I'm assuming then all their cards are a minimum of 5k. I'm not aware if this is common knowledge, but wow.


This is a quick snapshot of my credit report at the time I applied (not including a recent AMEX).


Open Accounts
Capital One Quick Silver Mastercard: $6300 Credit Line
Bank of America Visa: $2000 Credit Line (Apr 2017)
OneMain Financial (Loan): Balance of $2240 from $3000
File Summary
5% utilization on revolving accounts. 3 accounts open in good standing (above). 5 accounts closed in good standing. 4 accounts closed with negative/deragatory remarks (below). Total of 12 accounts overall. Average Age of Accounts: 1 year 7 months on open accounts (Credit Karma) / 6 years 3 months with closed accounts Included (MyFICO). Oldest account: 2007 - 2015. 0 collections or judgments (both fell off in 2017). Disclaimer: My home mortgage starting November 2017 is yet to be reported to any credit bureau.
FICO 8: EQ 679, TU 691, EX 703
Bankcard 8: EQ 675, TU 705, EX 713
Bankcard 5, 4, 2: EQ 683, TU 706, EX 748
Inquiries: EQ 4, TU 3, EX 4
ACS/BOA: EQ/TU/EX - 120 Days Delinquent in 2011
USA Funds: EQ - 90 Days Delinquent in 2011
NFCU: EQ/TU/EX - 90 Days Delinquent in 2011
Capital One: TU - 90 Days Delinquent in 2009


Chase pulled Experian the night they replied with a 30 day notice, and pulled Transunion the next day while I was working (both notified on my phone via MyFICO). It was about an hour or two after the TU notification that the CSR called to confirm and approve.


When I was approved for my AMEX just a week ago (post here), I had no intention of applying so soon for the CSP with a recent inquiry and negative accounts looming on my report. Last night, however, my mortgage's online payment system rejected the AMEX, stating it only accepts Visa credit or debit. So I pulled the trigger on Chase. Bullseye.


These past two weeks have been a game changer. Smiley Very Happy


P.S.: Don't ever lose a Chase card cause it took 7 long days for it to arrive (February 1st, 2018) and I had to call a CSR to have it rushed. 


Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred Approval (Details)

I Also got approved today. Congratulations !
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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred Approval (Details)


Yeah, the Chase Amazon Visa Signature is a Signature card but has been approved with CLs of as low as $500. I presume the institution chooses the card type even though Signature normally means a $5K minimum SL.

Beginning Journey April 2017 – FICO 8

Current Scores May 2018 – FICO 8

Started this credit game with $8400 TCL in 04/17 now I'm at $150K+.
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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred Approval (Details)

You can find all the minimum starting lines on chase cards.  When your looking at the cards click on pricing and terms, scroll down think it’s right past number 5 and below that tells you If approved your minimum starting line will be,   The United Club card is the highest at 15k  and that’s a visa sig,  the ritz is a infinite and it’s starting min is 10k seems odd but all the minimum starting lines are available

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred Approval (Details)

Congrations on getting in with Chase! If your babbies are still reporting, I would dispute with all of CB's as they appear to well past the 7 years. Once you get them off, the games becomes much more manageable with you in the drivers' seat. Good luck with new cards and keep us posted on your CB disputes.

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred Approval (Details)

Not all Chase cards will be Visa Signaure. Chase Slate, Freedom, Freedom Unlimited, SW, United Travel Bank, Disney, and AARP cards will be Visa Platinum with a CL under $5,000.


What the CSR meant to say was that all CSPs will be Visa Signature.

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