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Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

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Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI



I thought I'd post part of my journey with Chase. I orginally app'd for the CSP 6/2015 and they approved me for 5k. I wanted a bigger limit but I know chase hard pulls for CLI so I choose to wait until about a year or so then tried my luck at a CLI request. They approved me for an additional 1k which broguht my limit up to 6k. Although I didn't think it was worth the pull it was better then nothing, fast forward to now chase has granted me two CLI without my request. My account went from 6k to 9k then this past month it went from 9k to 15k and I moved 1k over form my chase freedom card because I dont use it often. So in roughly 3yrs I went from 5k to 16k, not to bad if you excerise some patience chase really does allow you to grow. I should also add I app'd for this card around a year or so after building my credit back up so my file was pretty green. I use CSP as my primarly card so it's used pretty heavily. Im sure this has something to do with the CLI's. I really want to make the jump from CSP to the CSR. Hopefully this is a good sign they'd approve me.

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred CLI

Congratulations on your CLI and growth with Chase. They aren't always the best with auto-CLI, but seem to like what they see with you.

Thanks for the info in your post, too

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