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Chase Sapphire Preferred Result and Citi Double Cash CLI result

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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred Result and Citi Double Cash CLI result

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What is your next goal?

You know, that's a really good question.  I'm not quite sure what to shoot for next.  Any suggestions?  Hehehe

Eventually, I may go for the Chase Freedom since it's like Discover with the rotating categories of 5%.  I figure that and the CSP would make a nice pair.  

At least there's no pressing "need" for a card.  I'll definitely wait for some inquiries to fall off (Best Buy, Hilton AMEX, Sprint cell phone) and keep watching the boards here.  :-)

Congrats x 2. As for your next next card, I'd consider upgrading to the BCP from Amex, better rewards, especially in groceries 6%. Discover does well with the rotating 5%. Maybe the ducks unlimited 5% on gas. All the best, cheers!

Everytime I call AMEX, they try to get me to go with the BCP.  It's tempting for a very silly reason...I think it's a BEAUTIFUL card!  I'm just not sure if I'd use it enough to offset the $95 AF.  I'm not a huge grocery person as I'd rather dine out.  (I'm going to miss my Uber 4%!)

Discover is one that is on my radar.  I'd have one of each (another silly reason).  I've read on here about people being denied for their scores being too high.  Depending on who they pull, that might happen.  


BofA wants me to get their Cash Rewards card with the categories I can choose.  And I've thought about getting another retail card just for the heck of it.  

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Closed - Capital One Secured - It's not in my wallet. :-)

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Goal - To get in with Chase. Smiley Very Happy (ACHIEVED!)
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