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Chase Southwest Priority Approved

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Chase Southwest Priority Approved

I was on a Southwest flight (I fly them almost exclusively for most domestic business trips) and saw that they had a 50,000 point SUB special that seems to only available when you're using their inflight WiFi system. Typical SUB online is 40,000.

While on the flight, I checked to see if data points were compatible with my scores and it seemed like plenty of people were in my range and getting an approval. I decided to submit an application (the Southwest card would be 3/24 after a recent approval for Capital One Savor) and received the following: "We have received your request for a Chase credit card. We'll let you know our decision as soon as possible." Called the check application status number and it still said 30 days, which from all my research on other posts means that it was sitting unprocessed. 


Post application data points:

After applying, I regularly checked their application status hotline and for 4 days received the 30 day wait message (usually for unprocessed applications). On the 5th day, I checked again and it changed to 7-10 days. Given most of the data points on our forum, I was bummed out and was bracing for a denial. I hit "0" to speak with a CR. Very nice lady confirmed my application and said that unfortunately I had been declined and would receive a letter in 7-10 days and that a code/reason would be available in the letter for me to call reconsideration. Obviously I'm impatient and decided to try for an immediate reconsideration.

I called back after that call and spoke to another very nice CR and said I had called about a reconsideration. I was transferred to the verification department (things took an optimistic turn!) and they went over my details of application including a text message verification and the regular DOB, social security number, address, etc. At the end she said that she had verified my identity and that my application would move forward for approval. 




So, I asked this verification specialist if I could speak to an analyst to get immediate approval. She said my application was with the "back end" analysts who only review applications once verification is complete only in the order received. I asked why I had been given information that I was declined and she made a critical distinction that is important to consider for anyone applying to Chase:

She said that the very first CR I spoke to can only see if I was approved but cannot see if I was denied. So for that reason, the first CR mistook my non approval as a denial. This clarifies that the 7-10 letter in the mail was for verification and not for a denial. It seems that only the Verification/Fraud Dept. can see if there is a rejected application or if it's just pending more information. In my case, I just needed to verify my address in particular because I had moved in the last 2 months. My application went back to the 30 day waiting message after it was returned for processing by the "back end" credit analysts.

Today, I checked in today after 2 days stuck at the 30 days message and this evening the automatic message changed to say that I had been approved for the Chase Southwest Priority with a SL of $9,000!


Hope this write up helps others trying to figure out the mystery behind the wait for Chase!

Off to the garden I go for many months before I continue building a Chase trifecta! Thanks to everyone for their help.

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Re: Chase Southwest Priority Approved

Congrats! Yes usually the 30 day message means ID verification before approval. You could have called the back door number immediately instead of waiting and asked if you could assist in verifying any information. Regardless, you made it through. Way to go!

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Re: Chase Southwest Priority Approved

Congrats on your SW approval and nice SL! That should make those business trips a benefit to ya!


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Re: Chase Southwest Priority Approved

Congrats and thank you for walking us through your experience!
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Re: Chase Southwest Priority Approved

Congratulations. Now I know what to shoot for and what to expect.
I'm also thinking about applying for the BOA Travel card as well, but only time will tell.
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Re: Chase Southwest Priority Approved

Congrats on your approval and very nice SL !!!


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Re: Chase Southwest Priority Approved


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS on your Approval, the AWESOME SL, and Thanks for documenting your experience with Chase!!!

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Re: Chase Southwest Priority Approved

Congrats on the approval and very nice SL!! Welcome to the Chase Club!


A few points for you going forward with this Southwest Chase card:

This card is going to be a huge benefit to you -- you'll love it!!


a) the $75 southwest travel credit posts to your account immediately after a southwest purchase.

b) in addition, the four upgraded boardings per year will also post to your account immediately after purchasing the upgrades with your southwest card. Use these! They are very nice to have in cases where you may have to switch your flight last minute and get a less than ideal boarding position.

c) once you obtain additional Chase credit cards, you can reallocate your limits between those accounts simply by writing to Chase via the secure message center. ie. Your southwest card has a limit of $9K and you get approval for CSR with $10k SL. You can then move $5K from the SW Priority to the CSR and have a $15K CSR and $4K SW priority. It's a good benefit to have and know about. 




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Re: Chase Southwest Priority Approved

Congrats on the approval!

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Re: Chase Southwest Priority Approved

@Heatt99 wrote:
Congratulations. Now I know what to shoot for and what to expect.
I'm also thinking about applying for the BOA Travel card as well, but only time will tell.

I'm still not completely sold on it. I had a secured card that had aged a year and I decided to PC to Travel Rewards instead of keeping it as the americard with AF. I think an airline specific card if you fly with one carrier or a Amex Platinum or CSP/CSR is a better option for flying.

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