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Chase & AMEX $12k in CLI!


Chase & AMEX $12k in CLI!

So back in December I applied for a CSP and Amex BCP on the same day and was approved for both, $8k and $2k limits respectively. I didn't like the low limit on the Amex so today I requested a 3x CLI on Amex's site from 2k to 6k and it was instantly approved. Then I wanted to see what Chase would do, so I called the number on the back of the card requesting a CLI. They told me it would be a HP, but I agreed anyway. The rep asked a few questions about income/employment, then a few moments later the guy told me they doubled my limit from $8k to $16k! Now I can PC to the CSR this December... so I'm pretty psyched! I've had both of these cards for 4 months and so far I have run average $3-5k a month through CSP and $500-$1500k a month through the Amex.  


Came a long way from my old CapOne secured card, which I unfortunately still have...Smiley Tongue

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Re: Chase & AMEX $12k in CLI!

Congratulations on your CLIs!  


In 6 months, ask for another 3x AMEX CLI. Wishing you the best! I love good AMEX stories.

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Re: Chase & AMEX $12k in CLI!

Congrats on the increases there!

'He took my Doritos away though' - @imapharmacygirl, Wine Connoisseur
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Re: Chase & AMEX $12k in CLI!

Congratulations on hitting the Chase double and the AMRX triple!!

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Re: Chase & AMEX $12k in CLI!


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