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Chase approved my CLI request!

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Chase approved my CLI request!

Okay so they did a HP on my EX report after I asked for a CLI through their secure message system on their website, I was somewhat hesitant to ask for one only just because I was denied for a CLI by Walmart Synchrony they gave me a SL of $700 I asked for $2,000 over the phone with the under writting phone number listed on here and got denied.


So I bit the bullet and asked Chase and they approved me for $4k and Ive only had the account 4 months! It is my only Chase account its a Chase Freedom Unlimited with a SL of $3k and was able to bump it to $4k. I didn't want to ask for more than $1k CLI because of my experience with Walmart cli attempt. 

Equifax 649 - TransUnion 698 - Experian 666
Cap1 QuickSilver $3,800 / Cap1 QuicksilverONE $1,100 / AMEX BCE $500, AMEX Hilton Honors Surpass $1,000 ,Express $1,700 / Chase Amazon Prime Visa $3,000, Chase Freedom Unlimited $4,000 / Discover IT $500 / Credit One $600 / First Premier $700 / First Premier $650 / Walmart MC $700, Target RedCard Credit $400, Open Auto Loan Balance $21,000 / Open Personal Loan Balance $10,000. 1 open collections on my report for $2,000 from 2014.
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Re: Chase approved my CLI request!

Congrats! With Chase sometimes its better to ask for more to see if they give you more because thrir cli requests are more difficult and cost that hp. But if your happy thats all that msttersSmiley Happy
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