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Citi AA Approval

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Re: Citi AA Approval

Your post encouraged me and actually i had applied with them back in 4/27 when they did not deny me rather asked my tax documents and id did send them. But it was taking too long so i called and cancelled the application earlier. Last night called them back to check if they can reopen the application without any additional credit pull. They said yes and opened the app again. Today got an approval in email for $1500. Low SL but i don't care. All i cared is the SUB. Thanks for this post again


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Re: Citi AA Approval

Congrats to you CC!! Citi really Luvs you now.

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Re: Citi AA Approval

Congrats on this one CC! I'm on the same boat as you as far as gardening goes 😁

I got a targeted offer for 70K SUB so I'm definitely looking into adding this one (again) and possibly go for the Aviator Biz in the next month or so.
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Re: Citi AA Approval

Congrats.  Just signed up my wife for the card yesterday.  Our 5th AA card in the last 10 months.  3 more to go before we start repeating. 

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