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Citi AAdvantage Executive card approved!

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Re: Citi AAdvantage Executive card approved!

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: Citi AAdvantage Executive card approved!

With this approval and one from Navy in recent weeks for $20k, 2 large new cards will be reported in the near future. My other card issuers are Amex, Barclay’s, US Bank (Elan) and Capital One. When these new accounts report, will they make the other issuers nervous? I run most of my spend through Amex and will continue to do so, and if Barclay’s does anything I won’t lose any sleep over it...

Congrats on your approval!!! yeah Barclays..... smh


I'm curious and asking for a "friend".. apart from the Admirals Club access, what other benefits made you pull the trigger?

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Re: Citi AAdvantage Executive card approved!

Thanks everyone!

My main interest in picking up this card was the discounted Admirals Club access, with the signup bonus and larger credit limit being secondary reasons.

I see UPS already has a delivery for me on Tuesday from Citi, which I assume based on earlier threads here contains just card information. Nothing yet from FedEx with the card itself...
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Re: Citi AAdvantage Executive card approved!

OP how did the delivery pan out?  

I also have Citi cards.  When I got the biz AA card, I received the approval letter, then I received the card info, then finally the card.  It was really annoying.  


Same thing for the Premier card.  


DW works for American and her discounted employee membership is still higher than the AF on this card so I am going to apply soon.  I was regretting not having it on recent domestic travel to San Francisco and Miami.  It's hard to get to SFO Centurion lounge and Miami Centurion lounge is every bit as crowded as the forums and points-geeks-blogs describe.  Plus the Miami lounge had a broken coffee machine so the 1 working machine had a ridiculous line with snobby members unabashedly cutting in front of people who looked like they didn't understand at first glance.  ...not to mention how far north the lounge is compared to the high# southern gates.   It's quite a hike even from Centurion lounge to gate 41 and I think the terminal even goes to 60.  When my flight was delayed on Monday I didn't even try to get back up to the lounge because AA wouldn't give me a straight story on how long it would be even though they call the lounge for you, I just didn't think I'd have time


Anyway, looks like I use the same 'home' airports as you, how have you enjoyed the card so far? 

SFO tipped me off to an enhanced SUB referral, did you get the 50k or more? 

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Re: Citi AAdvantage Executive card approved!

As I recall, I was approved on a Friday and the approval letter arrived the following Tuesday. A few more days passed before the card itself was shipped out on Thursday and FedEx delivered it Friday.

I got the 50k offer. I’m still waiting for AA to refund the miles I had spent previously on the Admirals Club membership. Although the Admirals Clubs aren’t the finest lounges, the AC in Philly’s Terminal A-West beats the overcrowded Centurion Lounge if you just want to relax, read, etc. for an hour or two before your flight leaves. I’ll be curious to see how the renovation there eventually pans out...
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Re: Citi AAdvantage Executive card approved!

Wow congrats 👍
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