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Citi / CBNA CLI's

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Citi / CBNA CLI's

I've been helping my mom with her credit, essentially doing for her what I've been doing for myself -- judiciously increasing the number of tradelines, getting the limits up, getting the utilization down, and then watching it all grow pretty flowers.  


I keep spreadsheets with all her data and today it was time to step on the gas with regards to those limit increases.  Mom has several Citi products -- 1 revolver and 3 underwritten retail cards.  Now I'm not ready to add any more plastic children to my collection but when I am -- when it's time to re-bucket -- I'm totally going for Citi next as they were unbelievably generous.  


Here are some stats I hope are useful:


Mom's current scores:  EX 751, EQ 738, TU 755


Home Depot/CBNA

Opened Nov 2013

Hard pull of Experian

Previous CL:  4,700

I asked for 20K and got it.  Increase of 15,300.


Best Buy/CBNA

Opened Sep 2016

Hard pull of TransUnion

Previous CL:  3,000

I asked for 13K and got it.  Increase of 10,000


Citibank Costco Anywhere Visa

Opened July 2017

Hard Pull of Equifax

Previous CL:  6,500

I asked for 15K and got it.  Increase of 8,500


Macy's/Citi Retail Services

Opened Sep 2005

Soft Pull

Previous CL:  10,000

I asked for 20K and got 16K.  Increase of 6,000. 



So yeah, thanks Citi for the extra 39,800 bucks.  Mom's utilization just became miniscule and I just became cooler than my sister. At least for a while.

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Re: Citi / CBNA CLI's

Wow... Very impressive.  Congrats...Keep it up

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Re: Citi / CBNA CLI's

Nice increases!! 

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Re: Citi / CBNA CLI's

Congratulations on getting all of those CLI!

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Re: Citi / CBNA CLI's

Awesome job there! Nothing like the extra cushion moving forward. Just never know when/ if that emergency arises where you need it handy 

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“TCL are on the decline”?
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Re: Citi / CBNA CLI's

It was only 5 month ago my macys was at 1000 and my hd was at 500. Now they’re at 11 and 10. 😃

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Re: Citi / CBNA CLI's

Nice job CleatsSmiley Happy. Just keep in mind Citi has been known to factor total exposure over all their cards , retail and legacy, in future cli requests. Not sure the max but it is possible that could end up in a letter. Now go buy us some stuffSmiley Happy
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