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Citi CLI trifecta

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Re: Citi CLI trifecta

@CallmeJo wrote:

Congrats on your three CLI's with Citi. I just got a CLI on my Double Cash this morning as well. I've also been able to almost double the limit on that card in less than a year. Citi's been good to me thus far 😬

Congratulations on your CLI!!!

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Re: Citi CLI trifecta

@AllZero wrote:

@nuohlac wrote:

@AllZero wrote:
Congratulations on your CLIs x 3!

I could set a watch to you... I would not know what time it is though. You're always up late. You're always up early. We must share a circadian rhythm 😂🤣

Yes, you could. It would be beer o'clock somewhere. My hours have been all over the place. Not sure what time or day it is anymore. Smiley TongueTransparent cheers GIF on GIFER - by Blackstone

As long as it is Ghostface Killah by Twisted Pine, Habanero Sculpin by Ballast Point, KBS or CBS by Founders, Barrel aged Sump by Perennial Artisan Ales, or anything made by 4 Hands Brewing or 3 Floyds and I am in. Smiley LOL

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Re: Citi CLI trifecta

@nuohlac  Super Congrats on your Citi CLI Trifecta!!! Smiley Very Happy


You're obviously doing something right. Citi clearly luvs you,

so keep doing what you're doing and Citi will continue to luv you.

Congrats again on your success. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Citi CLI trifecta

@AI_JMV wrote:

@nuohlac  I am going to need you to be my credit shephard soon..  I am looking into Citi Prestige and the HSBC World Premier... But.. I still want the Chase Sapphire (Preferred now, because I can't justify another $550 AF).  I am not eligible for the CSP until Feb due to # of accounts, which leave me with one more space in my arsenal for the either of the above two between now and then.  I have seen you post about the HSBC.. I think I am going to try for that one next month. 

I recall you saying you intended to move a large amount of funds to HSBC. Maybe you should look into becoming a Citigold client. I have pasted the requirements below. It is twice as much as the HSBC premier requirement and offers no direct deposit waiver. However, I think you made mention to a very considerable amount of funds being transferred potentially. 


There is no monthly service fee for a checking account in the Citigold Account Package. If you do not maintain a minimum combined average monthly balance of $200,000 in eligible linked deposit, retirement and investment accounts, your Citigold Account Package will be converted to the Citi Priority Account Package and your accounts will be subject to the terms and conditions then in effect for that package. Fees could reduce account earnings. For all account pricing details please visit


I was actually brought in under my employers umbrella 14 years ago with not a dime in the pot and have now invested enough funds to stand on my own if I were to leave them. Regarding the AF on the Prestige and AAdvantage Executive cards Citigold gives you a $145 statement credit annually which reduces the Prestige's AF's to $350 less the $250 travel credit you are now effectively paying a $100 AF. This could help you bring your costs down also. Another neat feature that Citigold offers in a semi-urban lounge program; not airport. It is equal to having day time access to the executive lounge at a Hilton property in my experience. Although, you can never put a price on AC, free coffee, water and private restrooms in NYC, SF and Miami. I hope this information helps you further consider your options and make an informed decision. Keep us updated on your process. I am very interested. 

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Re: Citi CLI trifecta

@nuohlac  Thank you.. I am going to stick with HSBC Premier as a secondary high net account, which so far I am happy with, and my Chase Sapphire Banking, which is my every day account.  All other liquidity is making money for me in TD and Fidelity. Smiley Happy Also, I used to work for Citi, and they aren't getting any more of my money than the minimum on a credit card Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Citi CLI trifecta

Congrats @nuohlac on the triple increases! Nicely done! 😁

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Re: Citi CLI trifecta

Congratulations on your CLIs!

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Re: Citi CLI trifecta

Congrats! Great job 🤑

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Re: Citi CLI trifecta


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Re: Citi CLI trifecta


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