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Citi Custom Cash approved.

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Re: Citi Custom Cash approved.

@BH1985 wrote:

$8,600 limit at 19.99% APR with 0% APR first 15 months. $300 SUB for $1,000 spend in first three months. 



Income: $80k
Score/bureau: 778, Experian Bankcard 8

Inquiries: 1/6, 2/12, 7/24

No derogatory marks
AoOA: 9.5 years

AAoA: 3.9 years

AoYA: 6 months

Aggregate utilization: 13%

Individual utilization, limits, account age:
 $8.9k / $15.9k (57%) - 6 months

 $1k / $14k (7%) - 2 yr 8 mo

 $0.2k / $4.8k (5%) - 1 yr 8 mo

 $79 / $30k (0%) - 3 yr 7 mo

 $0 / $9k (0%) - 3 yr 11 mo

 $0 / $3.1k (0%) - 3 yr 11 mo


I also have a 2.5 year old mortgage and 3 open installment loans, one 1.5 years old of 72 months and the other two of which are around 9 years old and under 20% of their original balances. 

I am not thrilled with my APR but when I got my Citi Double Cash I was able to work them down to the lowest APR via chat over three consecutive days so that's worth a shot. 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Yeah, but 15  months 0% is pretty sweet. Congrats on a very nice card. I might take advantage of that with all my new theater room needs :-)

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Re: Citi Custom Cash approved.

@NoMoreE46 wrote:

Nice @BH1985 .


I had been collecting DP on SLs on this new offering for the past few weeks.  Your SL is above the MFer average.





Yep. I did notice that. I was expecting around $4,800 or so because of utilization on my Chase card. Otherwise I'd expect around $6k with this card with low utilization. Must've been my lucky day. I wonder if they gave me the limit they did to incentive a balance transfer from my Chase card that I've run up to $8k over the last six months. That's not happening LOL. I'm not paying a balance transfer fee to go from a 0% APR primor card to another 0% APR promo card. 

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