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Citi DC Surprise Approval!!

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Citi DC Surprise Approval!!

Those of you that have been in my other threads have followed the whole laborious process with my thin file.  I tried the preselect page and they had no offers for me last week.  I cold apped Friday and got the 7-10 day message, and decided to just let it take its course.  The status page was still showing pending 7-10 days (sometimes 24 hours, otherwise wait 7-10 days) as of Saturday.  This morning I was greeted by an incredibly unexpected approval email!! I was really within the 24 business hours bracket!  No weird calls or verifications or letters, just a normal approval on a 24 business hour delay (and a change to the format of my name for the card that matches EQ's format, not EX or TU's.) This is a complete surprise to me!  Coincidentally (or perhaps related to the delay) today is the day the program changes from "cash rewards" to the TYP program to match CC, so I'm one of the first new approvals joining in with the new program at the start.


I don't know what report(s) they HP'd yet, since I haven't seen an alert on my myFICO subscription yet, but I assume EQ based on the name format, which, if so was the least likely according to the chart, but could always be a double pull.


SL: $3900!  From what I hear that's a really good SL from Citi, especially on the DC, and despite being a strangely uneven number, I've seen them use this number on other approval threads, so for whatever reason they like uneven numbers.  This places it $900 above what they saw on reports for Disco, $100 below Disco after a $1k SLI on Friday.  Fortunatley that makes it a totally usable card that will easily get most of my spend. I do still love Disco, though!


APR: Unknown, they don't list it in the approvals, have to wait to get the physical card for that. I assume highest, but you never know.


I noticed they have a "Member since" line on the account fields in the communications in the Amex/Discover vein. It means nothing but it helps you feel like they value the length of a relationship somewhere in the algorithms.



770/771/770 (EQ/TU/EX)

AoOA: 13 months. (Only account reporting until now.)

Accounts: Disco $3000 (on report, $4000 after CL not yet reporting.)

Util 3% reporting (may have seen 0% with $15 balance which updated on EX on Saturday according to myFICO.)


Super excited by this since it's my first non-secured new card app!  Disco is unsecured/graduated but was secured originally. And between this and the Disco CLI, I've gained over 2.5x total CL since Friday!


Definitely don't want to spook Citi by apping another card until I have theirs in hand and a payment made, but the questions of when/if apping another card will have to come up in another thread soon, but right now, just thrilled about Citi!

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Re: Citi DC Surprise Approval!!

Congrats on your Citi Approval! 🥂🤑👍👍

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Re: Citi DC Surprise Approval!!

Wonderful surprise for you indeed!!

Congratulations on that Citi DC new approval. 6 months time should have you eligible for a SP CLI as well.

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Re: Citi DC Surprise Approval!!

Congratulations!!! I've been spying and looking out for an approval thread from you. I knew it would all work out!

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Re: Citi DC Surprise Approval!!

Congratulations on your Citi DC approval & very nice SL! 👏👏


Regarding when to app for the WS FNBO...I really don't think Citi will get "spooked" by seeing one single other inquiry next month, nor seeing the additional new trade line in 2 months (when FNBO card would 1st report).  Every month you wait on that next card, you're NOT saving that 50% on the monthly Plus fee.  Now, there "may" be a reason to wait to app the WS FNBO until after your Disco and Citi report next month.  As of now, your highest CL reporting is the Disco @ $3k.  Next month, with the Disco reporting with the add'l CLI ($4K) and the Citi reporting $3900 CL, there's a somewhat greater "chance" that FNBO would perhaps give a SL upon approval of $5K++  (vs only seeing currently reported single $3K CL).


Just follow your instinct though... you've put in the time and researched as much as one can.  I have no doubt you will continue to be rewarded for your efforts!  

Scores as of February 2, 2024:

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Re: Citi DC Surprise Approval!!

@KLEXH25Thanks! You, Who_wuda, Finstar, Remedios, Anonymalous, and a few others that endured that whole other thread were critically instrumental in getting here! This is a shared victory for us all, lol! Big round of applause for all!


@Who_wuda_thoughtThanks! Yeah with my reporting limit going from 1 $3k account to a $4k and 3.9k account in a month, definitely makes the most sense to wait for that to all become visible regardless, though that also means the account would be reporting as brand new then, too.  Plus I'm still waiting for the FNBO prequal denial letter to find out what they didn't like to see if it's an easy or difficult issue with them. A new line could help more than hurt, depending.  If they can give me >5k, that could make the next one (Chase/Amz) 6-12 months after better, too, and that's as far as I have any particular plans for!  That's a good rewards mix right there.


According to Citi's email, the account is considered open as of today, so the first statement I assume will be a month from today, regardless of when the card arrives to activate, and just bill the partial month.  Meaning all the new info should be on reports in about a month + some days, depending on how Citi reports.


Still feels weird to write this knowing I'm officially a Citi customer now. I have my mountain of mailers (for everything except DC) from the past year lined up as trophies Smiley LOL  I'll update when it arrives and I know what the APR is, for science.

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Re: Citi DC Surprise Approval!!


Congratulations on your new Citi DC and way to go.

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Re: Citi DC Surprise Approval!!

Grats on your 3.9K SL!!

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Re: Citi DC Surprise Approval!!

No surprise to me, @uncredited. You're a young file, but based on everything you've said in the other thread, your file's pristine, and you've passed the 1 year mark with absolutely zero credit seeking of any kind. While there are no guarantees, I would have only been surprised if Citi rejected you. Glad you finally applied. Congrats on getting your first choice, and congrats on the very respectable limit!




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Re: Citi DC Surprise Approval!!

Congrats on the approval!

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