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Citi Diamond Preferred low SL

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred low SL

@juniornj23 wrote:
Can you used HD card beside home depot

No, it's just a Home Depot card, not a Visa. Not a lot of frills or perks, just financing for large projects (which can be useful depending on your needs).

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred low SL

I've seen a ton of successful recon on the SL recently with Citi.. It's worth a shot?. DW got hers in the mail this week 9.3k limit 12.24 APR.. Her first citi card as well, super nice because of the 0% for 21 months
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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred low SL

I wish I had your approval and SL! Citi isn't known to be too generous right off the bat. Seasoned peeps with thick profiles, and whom have had a citi legacy card tend to yield better SL results.

Just the use the card, show some usage/payments, and after 6 months ask for a CLI...more than likely a HP, but if you are willingly ok with that, you should get a nice bump, depending if the rest of your reports are in check as well, and nothing crazy happened in the 6 months of having the card.

Good luck...Im still trying just to squeeze out a secured card right now, I burned them awhile back, so they are gun shy right nowSmiley Sad

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
BK7 D/C- 08/2013
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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred low SL

Asked for a CLI on activation and got $500 CLI. Better than nothing. They say they were going to pull Equifax, this was 4 hours ago and no Inq alerts yet. I'm thinking they used the same Equifax report upon approval?


When they pulled Equifax when I applied, all the alerts came instantly.


When I called Customer Service they sent me to credit dept. asked a few questions, waited on the phone for 24 minutes and offered the $500.

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred low SL

It's a start! Once your foot is in the door with them they'll grow with you like a wild flower! You can see if you have the option online for a sp Cli. They've been good about Cli every six months on all of my citi cards. Good luck

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