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Citi Luv Button


Re: Citi Luv Button

Congratulations! Citi has always been good about approving my soft pull credit limit increases every 6 months.

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Re: Citi Luv Button

@Tonya-E wrote:

So I decided to push the luv button on both Citi DC and Citi TY Preferred. I received a 2 k boost on both...12k to 14k on DC and 25.5k to 27.5k on TY. They weren't major boosts but it shows that they may be a little open to CLIs at this time. I think I am nearing their exposure limit. But hey, I'll take it!


First congratulations on getting both cli's on both citi creditcards. Yes citi is starting to give credit increases now. Starting some time after march of last year Citi stop giving out  credit increases on the citi cab back card. This is my experience, for couple of years I got 2K credit increases like clock work each 6 months or longer then in July of 2020 stop getting credit increases on my citi double cash back mastercard was getting bs reasons. Then in January after put good amount of spend on the card got my first 2 K increase on the DC mastercard of 2K which brings my total cl to 17.6K. I posted many times that citi was not giving cli's out. Just for information 2K is there standard increase with soft pull.

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Re: Citi Luv Button

Thanks @firefox100! I have been noticing that the 2K appears to be average. I noticed with the stream of Citi CLIs that I have seen over the past week or so. I can say though my last CLI on the Citi TY Preferred was in August last year and they did 4k at that time. That's why I thought they may be limiting exposure with them. 

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