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Citi Premier approval


Citi Premier approval

Applied online, went to "we'll let you know" status, I decided to call in case it was verification.
Automated system could not find the application via last 4 of SS.
Really nice CSR verified info, and told me I transposed last two digits.
I told her I never wrote/entered my SS without transposing numbers, and that I consider two digits to be a success.
Sent me a text and was able to get an approval. SL $5200, not too worried about it, it will grow, and I'm not opposed to taking HP if I need to.
EX pulled, currently at 759. In two days, most of my HPs will be gone, but I've had so many, I haven't lost a single point since November 2017, so I figured might as well do it now.
Anyway, I'm severely sleep deprived so this app seemed like a good idea.
There might be some serious *,regerts* after I have enough coffee.
4 new accounts in the last year (maybe three, cant remember when I got Freedom).
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Re: Citi Premier approval


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Re: Citi Premier approval




Amex BCP $35k
Chase FU $11.2k
BOA Cash Rewards $35k
Comenity BJs Perks Plus M/C $14k
Cap1 QS $850
(AU), 2020 TU 801, EX 795, EQ 792
INQ ...TU-0, EX-2 EQ-3
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Re: Citi Premier approval

Congarts! 😉
US Bank Altitude Reserve 18.1k
Chase Freedom Unlimited 18.5k
Chase Freedom 11.7k
American Express Gold NPSL
American Express Bonvoy Brilliant 22.5k
American Express Bonvoy Business 20k
American Express Amazon Business Prime 14k
Barclays Aviator Business 5k
Citi AAdvantage Executive Card 14.1K
Citibusiness AAdvantage 11.9k
Citi Double Cash 15k

Fico 8s as of 09/01/2021:

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Re: Citi Premier approval

Congrats Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Citi Premier approval

Congrats on approval, Remmy! Nothing like sleep deprivation helping you apply for credit ❤


Few SP and HP CLIs will get that card to where you need it since Citi is hard one to get going. I only have mine at $15k-$16k myself and that's after almost a year. Plan to ask for both SP/HP myself in Decemeber when I can go again

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Re: Citi Premier approval

I spelled my name for her while looking at my EX report.
Insomnia and apps, definite no go
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Re: Citi Premier approval

Congratulations eBFF @Remedios




Eh, at least it's not Nordstrom's! 🤪



Last HP 08-24-2021

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Re: Citi Premier approval

Considering how Citi is, and this being my first card with them, I'm not heartbroken

When can I ask for HP?
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Re: Citi Premier approval

Every six months, you can ask for a soft pull CLI.

That said, I'd urge you to freeze your bureau accounts until you get a good week's worth of sleep.

Oh ... congratulations.
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