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Citi Prestige Approved ! but...

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Re: Citi Prestige Approved ! but...

@Deuter wrote:

Guys, i just received my Citi Prestige (they overnight it) but there is something weird.


Upon activating the card i see it's not linked to my Citi main account. Is this usual?   Typically, additional cards are not automatically linked.  You would need to link the card to your profile or contact their C/S to assist you with linking the card.

I also click on FICO score and it says none, when i already have 719 with the other AA card if i click on FICO score.

It says cardmember since 2019 , and i been a mastercard citi customer since last year.   Cardmember Year is not backdated for new cards.


It seems this card was like issue for two different persons???

What i mean is i have different name spelling on the two cards. They vary a bit. One is with my First Last Name and the other is with my Second Last Name. How did you fill out the application?  That's basically how your card was issued.   So, if you did not place the names in the appripriate fields, that's likely the outcome.  Shall i point this to Citi??? Maybe that's why the 10K limit despite me having the other card? Unlikey, since they were able to approve it and obtained a CR (it's possible you have an alias listed on your CRs as well), because they think its a new customer altogether? 

Or is it like this that when you open a new account the bank doesnt take in count the stats of your first credit card relationship with them. Like cardmember since etc. 


Sorry first second card ever!


Also, keep in mind that if you request a CLI with your newly recieved card, you will likely incur another Hard Pull.


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