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Citi Prestige approval

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Citi Prestige approval

I decided to app today for the Citi Prestige, as I have some travel coming up and can get some mileage out of the 4th night free. Since I already have the Rewards+ and the AAdvantage Executive and PIF on both, I suspected approval wouldn’t be an obstacle.

Approved for $13k at 25.74% (who cares, I don’t carry a balance!) with 713 on Experian. The SL is the same they gave me on the AAdvantage back in May.

This is one of the cards they overnight, right? I’m leaving for Europe on the 16th and would like to have it in hand by then...
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Re: Citi Prestige approval

Congrats on your approval! 

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Re: Citi Prestige approval

Awesome, congrats!

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Re: Citi Prestige approval

Congrats on your Citi Prestige approval!

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Re: Citi Prestige approval


CongratsSmiley Happy Citi in 6 Months and ask for an APR reduction ..and every 6 months after that!


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Re: Citi Prestige approval

Congrats! I believe they will overnight this call CSR to confirm.

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Re: Citi Prestige approval

Very nice!



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Re: Citi Prestige approval


Awesome Congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS on your Citi Prestige approval, the AWESOME SL, and completing the Citi Trifecta!!! Smiley Wink 

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Re: Citi Prestige approval

Congrats on your approval!! If you haven't yet, I would call to confirm it's overnighted. If it's not automatically, sometimes if you ask nicely they'll overnight you a card for free. Congrats again!
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Re: Citi Prestige approval

Congratulation’s on your Citi Prestige approval and nice SL.
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