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Citi Rewards+ Approval and CLI

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Re: Citi Rewards+ Approval and CLI

@javi_gua wrote:

I would love to have my very own Amex though. Does anyone here think that Amex would give me a shot at one of their cards? Im currently an authorized user on two Amex cards (platinum & delta). So, right now I have about 5 yrs+ of authorized user credit plus my own with Citi for 3 months now. If yall think I should pull the trigger (I only have 2 hp's from Citi on my cr's so I can afford to take another hit) then my question is... should I pull the trigger now OR should I wait until Citi reports my new credit line of 4k? Or should I just hold off altogether and continue to build up my Citi credit card?


Thanks for everyones replies guys!

I would atleast wait for the new limit to be posted to your cr's...It might be a good idea to wait until the card is 6mo old as well...sometimes cc companies will not include your AU accts which at this point makes your age of credit only 3mo. ofcourse ymmv with anything and your thought process might be YOLO, so best of luck in what you decide...congratz on your new cc and cli.. 

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Re: Citi Rewards+ Approval and CLI

@outlaw644 - YOLO was exactly what I was thinking. Lol! But you’re right... 6 months with a 4k credit card limit should be more than sufficient to show that I can be a responsible borrower. I’ll shoot my shot right at 6 months with Citi.
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Re: Citi Rewards+ Approval and CLI

Congratulations on your CLI!

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Re: Citi Rewards+ Approval and CLI

I literally did the same thing with Citi but my way was a little different. After 2 months I asked for a credit increase and they online offered 1000, I countered with 6000 and a couple hours later I was approved via email haha.

Also Amex has been insanely generous to me in my credit card journey, just wait until your 6 months of Citib goes by first
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Re: Citi Rewards+ Approval and CLI

@javi_gua wrote:

So far Im really LOVING my new Citi Rewards+ card. Im a few days away from my 3rd statement generating and was originally approved for 2k. Please keep in mind that this is my first credit card (my brother and parents had me on their cards as an authorized user since I was 13 or 14 and am now 19). I was up late one night and decided to play on the app a bit and ran into the credit limit increase button. Well, I noticed that it was asking I answer a few questions to see if I qualified immediately and all I did was re-enter my income and bam... 1k increase. I then decided to poke the bear a bit especially since it asked me if I wanted a different credit line (after the 1k increase) and I decided to ask for 6k just for the heck of it. Next day around noon I got an email saying they did a partial credit line increase (got another 1k) for a total of 4k. NOT BAD FOR MY FIRST CREDIT CARD ALL ON MY OWN! I'll also add that in the past 2 months Ive had the account open I have made multiple monhtly payments (3-4 payments that range from $500-$1k each) and made HEAVY use out of the card. QUESTION... IS IT NORMAL OR AM I JUST LUCKY TO HAVE DOUBLED MY CREDIT LINE IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS AND ESPECIALLY WITH THIS BEING MY FIRST CARD ON MY OWN? CAN I EXPECT ANY AUTO-INCREASES? AND WHEN SHOULD I TRY AGAIN? IS CITI NORMALLY THIS GENEROUS OR AM I MAKING A BIG FUSS AND THIS IS JUST HOW THEY GENERALLY DO BUSINESS?

Yes you're just making a big fuss. But congratulations.

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Re: Citi Rewards+ Approval and CLI

Congrats on your approval and your CLI!!!   Smiley Happy

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