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Citi Rewards + Card Approval 21.2k :)

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Citi Rewards + Card Approval 21.2k :)

I thought I should brake the silence instant 21.2k Approval without 15k Bonus. no need for it I have more than 10k worth of bonus sitting waiting to be redeem. don't need any card anymore but applied for friends and forum (GP) I always go last whenever new card launches but not this time.. No sign up bonus for this card for me (Due to Premier 60k took last year) the roundup thing is kind a good but honestly I like the color of this card that's all so done once again. I guess my DP is very clear and simple 50th Approval with 770 fico 8 and again 4 HP in past 6 (the 5th become 6 months old few days ago) when ever hit Citi (me)always make sure the pull count is low on Experian i give them what they want (score,pulls,utilization.spend,+more) and i get what i want in return.each lender has its own demand (weak points) any way i would be applying odd accounts this year thanks for reading ..


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Re: Citi Rewards + Card Approval 21.2k :)

Congrats on your approval and monster SL!!!!!!

2mils CL here we come hehe





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Re: Citi Rewards + Card Approval 21.2k :)

Thanks for being the first one to break the ice and as usual for the DP. Raj strikes again.
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Re: Citi Rewards + Card Approval 21.2k :)

Awesome approval Raj!!! The tradition continues with the monster SLs 😁👍

I'm going for 2nd TY Premier fairly soon and then likely downgrade to Citi Rewards.

Let us know how you like it.
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Re: Citi Rewards + Card Approval 21.2k :)

AABowdown.gif  I bow you your credit super powers.

Awesome SL as always!!


Congrats to My Fico's own Credit Royalty.  king.gif

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Re: Citi Rewards + Card Approval 21.2k :)

BIG, BIG Congrats, @Mahraja!!!


One thing I was always wondering is the following. If one is to undertake a similar (on a smaller scale, perhaps) project of obtaining maximum Total Credit Line in let's say 2-3 years, what AAofA one should target to maintain while doing so? Obviously, as more accounts are established, AAofA will keep dropping.


Is 2 years enough for AAofA? 3 years?


The reason I am asking this is because I have some big plans for 2019 but my only issue is that while I am starting from a decent AAofA (6+ years) it's based on a relatively few accounts so it will drop to 4yrs, 3yrs, 2yrs pretty quickly (based on the simple Excel math).


Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Citi Rewards + Card Approval 21.2k :)

@seattlecredit08... Define "smaller scale" project. Are you a high income earner? Are you willing to furnish POI for a variety of instances, especially CUs that request such information? Keep in mind that most individuals that have upwards of say... $300K (and beyond) did not achieve such results overnight. The lending landscape fluctuates frequently and what was once easily accessible may not be so easy these days. Think 5/24, SUB rules/restrictions, AA, and most lenders tightening up their purse strings. Plus, you've discovered that in a variety of cases, reverse engineering doesn't always pan out.

So, it's not so much just about an arbritary AAoA but lots of other factors as well.
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Re: Citi Rewards + Card Approval 21.2k :)

Unreal approval with Citi! Now that the ice is broken ... the Citi Dividend Visa/MasterCard card holders have a potential p/c card. Maybe for those who out right apply, the starting credit lines will be higher that the Citi Double Cash that used to run $500 to $2,000? Of course the Mahraja has Citi eating from the hand Smiley Happy

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Re: Citi Rewards + Card Approval 21.2k :)


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Re: Citi Rewards + Card Approval 21.2k :)

Yup Fin excellent idea go for it better card with better bonus indeed . And me was actually working on Key Bank Latitude Card which i am applying soon.worst case scenario i would hit the wall So what now i dont get excited anymore.pulled the trigger for forum members only .. i think its easy card to get

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