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Citi SP CLI 2x from $5,500 to $11,000!!!

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Re: Citi SP CLI 2x from $5,500 to $11,000!!!

@tyler539 wrote:

Super excited this morning. My history with Citi has been as follows:

July 2017: Applied for Citi TY Preferred Student w/ $2000 limit

October 2017 (+4 months from opening): CLI to $3500

April 2018 (+6 months from last CLI): CLI to $5500

June 2018: Go on a 3-card mini app spree (non-citi cards)

July 2018: PC to Citi DC

October 2018 (+6 months from last CLI): CLI Declined. I believe it was declined because of my 3 new cards in the last 6 months

November 2018: CLI Declined. I believe the same reason

December 2018: CLI APPROVED, doubling my limit from $5500 to $11000!


Congratulations, that's a nice CLI.

Citi likes to limit my SP CLIs to $2k per request. I probably don't use my card enough. My increases have been $1.8k, $3.2k, $2k, $2k.

Fico 8: .......EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
Fico 9: .......EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
Fico 4 .....:. EQ 809 TU 823 EX 830 EX Fico 98: 842
VS 3.0:...... EQ 835 TU 835 EX 835
Fico 8 BC:. EQ 892 TU 900 EX 900
CBIS: ........EQ LN Auto 940 EQ LN Home 870 TU Auto 902 TU Home 950
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